In My Eyes

Often mistaken as a poor excuse of having no models to photograph, taking notice of the finer points of landscape, architectural and still-life in art is no less an appreciation of beauty as the visual representation of the human form in print or canvass.

death trap carnival
death trap carnival

In more simpler terms… I don’t care if it’s just a dilapidated run-down thing. If it’s beautiful… then I say it’s beautiful.


Kitchen Tales… the golden garlic

IMG_1937Should there be something else more interesting than a bunch of garlic bulbs hanging in the corner of a quaint wooden
kitchen, then it will be probably not worth my time taking a picture of. But seriously, what I found very interesting about this is how the light casts a golden glow through the window.

I used a the kit lens which came with my camera at settings which I found myself admiring the image which I wanted to take. I found it beautiful this way.

I hope to do a bit more “kitchen” photography but these days, I find myself more enticed by the succulent aromas of my wife’s dishes. There goes keeping my weight in check. 😀